The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex

REPOST VIA SEAN BLANDA, a writer based in New York City and is the former Editor-in-Chief and Director of 99U. Find him on Twitter: @SeanBlanda.

"The bullshit industrial complex is a pyramid of groups that goes something like this:

  1. Group 1: People actually shipping ideas, launching businesses, doing creative work, taking risks and sharing first-hand learnings.
  2. Group 2: People writing about group 1 in clear, concise, accessible language.
  3. [And here rests the line of bullshit demarcation…]
  4. Group 3: People aggregating the learnings of group 2, passing it off as first-hand wisdom.
  5. Group 4: People aggregating the learnings of group 3, believing they are as worthy of praise as the people in group 1.
  6. Groups 5+: And downward….

The Complex eventually becomes a full fledged self-sufficient ecosystem when people in group 4 are reviewing books by people in group 3 who are only tweeting people in group 2 who are appearing on the podcasts started by people in group 3."

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